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This is the SHIT!!!
A devise created by Black Jesus and Shigeru Miyamoto after they fucked that hoe-bag Mary to pass the time that gives an alternitive to expereincing life by giving you fake ass sex, enough drugs to blow Cuba off the map, and enough brain busting violence to make you the ruler of hell. Video games lets you do these things in a way that won't give you AIDS, cancer, or the death sencence for all the fucking crazy ass shit you just did. This is the most popular thing to do now-a-days, because God has given us a lack of good looking pussy, non-killing drugs, and a way to comit murder and be considered a hero like back in the mideval times. 10 years ago, if you were a gamer, it would get you a rock thrown thru your skull, a punch in your dick, and a NES copy of Super Mario rammed up your ass.
Shigeru Miyamoto, the man who is called the Godfather of Gaming. do you really need any other examples... no you don't but your dumb ass is just gonna keep reading anyway, so i'll just list off a few for you to look at while my rented Chuck Noris ninjas sneak up on you and mind fuck you into thinking that your a catholic school slut with pink pigtails (dipshit). Here are some Video games examples: Halo, Doom, Zelda, Mario, Tomb Raider, Gears of War, Manhunt 2, Imfamous, Diablo 3, Final Fantsasy 1 thru who gives a fucking rat's ass.
by Sinkurepa the gamer June 01, 2009

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