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palestine as we know it today is 'a geographical manifestation of anti-semitism' (Simon Leigh). the area that was originally called palestine was meant for the area of the british empire underwhich both jews and muslims lived- it was never intended to refer to a 'palestinian people' such a people have never historically existed. palestinians have no shared culture, religion, or history they are simply arabs that have been dumped on Israels doorstep because the other arab countries dont want them, they are refugees, miscreants and nomads who have decided arbitrarily that the one little bit of land in the middle east not run by muslim dictatorships, oligarchies, militias, or police states, the only middle east democracy (known as Israel) that has jewish history stretching back 3800 years, is now theirs eventhough they have no tie to the land whatsoever.
there are no historical examples of palestinians before the modern state of israel because they never existed.
Its sole purpose is to be a thorn in Israels backside.
by Simon Leigh May 16, 2007

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