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1. To question, criticize, comment on, discuss, identify, disagree with, or deny the superiority and entitlement of any person or persons that consider themselves to be Jewish.

2. To say that Jews are a race of people rather than only a religion.

3. To say that Jews are not a race of people and are only a religion.
1. "I think that Jews have too much influence in education and media and won't tolerate any views that disagree with their own."

"That's anti-semitism! You Nazi!"

2. "Jews are all in favor of integration for other people, but they're extremely proud of their own racial purity."

"That's anti-semitism! You Nazi!"

3. "I don't think Sammy Davis Jr. was really Jewish."

"That's anti-semitism! You Nazi!"
by Sigmund Freud Was A Bigot December 22, 2011

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