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The most unique country EVER. Here in Portugal we've got everything: Nice tasting wine, football addicts, hot women, citizens who still have pride in their country, tasers banned in prisons, weak drug laws, a shitload of debt, incompetent politicians, lovely beaches, music festivals with crowds who just can't stop singing, city mayors who walk around in the middle of citizens like regular people, a lot of history, intelligent people, a new clone of an american TV series every Sunday, TV programming consisting mostly of soap operas and schedule filling Morning/Afternoon talk-ish shows, celebrities that actually give a fuck about their fans, a huge bunch of people who use accents instead of apostrophes in every word that ends with an "s" to pretend they know English, nice people, citizens who tolerate all crap from the government but don't do anything, and way more.

In conclusion, Portugal is an AWESOME country and you should come spend your vacations here.
Guy #1:"Hey, so shall we go to Spain this time?"

Guy #2:"Bullfighting sucks, sleeping during the day sucks, and everyone goes there. Let's go to Portugal and buy LSD at the nearest disco club while having crazy one night stands with the hottest ladies in Europe and then go sleep in a comfortable hotel where you're a client and not just a number!"
by Shottenheimer April 28, 2011
Can mean either:

1)A man addicted or good at sexual intercourse.

2)Someone that tries to be a "gangster" or act like one, but does only look stupid.
1) Tiger Woods was the fuckster of the year, beating David Letterman and Quagmire...


Guy: Hey, wazzup Homie-G?

Me: Take a hike, fuckster.
by Shottenheimer March 18, 2010
Music enjoyed by males in their late thirties who think they're cool and can't understand it's just a kickass drummer exhibiting himself and playing double bass the entire song, a guitar riff that despite sounding epic it is ruined by the overuse, satanic lyrics, and some of the worst vocals ever.
All Slayer songs suck and sound the same.
by Shottenheimer September 08, 2010

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