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A famous Bravenetter from "the good old days." He used many names, including (simply) PM. Sometimes he would use rapper names. Most of the time, the initials of his name would be, of course, PM.

He didn't date much on Bravenet. He was, however, the subject of almost every female Bravenetters wet dream. It was almost a prerequisite to being a Bravenet to have a crush on PM. This could be because he was funny, or because a witty person on Bravenet is assumed to be hot. No pictures of PM have ever surfaced, so we can safely assume he is pretty hot. (Or we hope he is.)

PM's main chatroom, after Bravenet stopped being a list of many chatrooms, was The Digimon Experience Chat Room.

PM, the person, loves video games and reading. It is unknown as to whether or not he has ever gone out with anyone, especially anyone associated with Bravenet.

Bravenetters associated with PM:

Bahumut Pendragon
The *NSS* Group (Neya?) (unsure of connection)
Duo Maxwell *NSS* (a friend or enemy? it appears their relationship changed throughout the years)
Pot Monkey (Another of his monikers)
Phoenix Fred (a friend or enemy? unsure of connection)
Enchantra (friend or enemy? unsure of connection, although Enchantra was one of the 'omgz PM is so totally hot' females)
Lleu Dragonstar (friend? appeared to be on good terms)
Yama, the Bagel God (Friend? Appeared to be on good terms)
All in all, PM reminds us of the good ol' days of Bravenet. We can only hope he is doing well.
Example of PM's popularity: PM is recognized by even the last "new" Bravenetters, who often regard him with a sort of folkloric imagination. Like highschoolers telling tall tales about seniors past...
by Shina__Dragon September 02, 2006

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