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The Mexicans contribution to America.
I'm glad those Mexicans brought over their wonderful Mexican food, 'cause without it, we might not have Taco Bell!!11!!1!
#taco #tacos #fast-food #food #eat
by Shimblecrook January 25, 2009
A state the holds many attractions, ranging from mountains to beaches. Interesting and friendly people are everywhere and many important historical happenings took place here. It was one of the original thirteen colonies!
George Washington once said South Carolina was one of the most tree barren wastelands he had ever seen :(
#south #southern #carolina #beach #mountain #colonies #united states #history
by Shimblecrook December 28, 2008
One of the band Paramore's CDs. The CD contains the songs 1. For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic, 2. That's What You Get, 3. Hallelujah, 4. Misery Business, 5. When It Rains, 6. Let The Flames Begin, 7. Miracle, 8. crushcrushcrush, 9. We Are Broken, 10. Fences, and lastly 11. Born For This.
Hey dude, I bought Paramore's Riot CD at Hot Topic the other day!!
#haley williams #rock #punk #cd #hot topic #music #paramore #fueledbyramen
by Shimblecrook December 28, 2008
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