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The people that you disrespect for doing their job, yet when you are getting robbed, you call them anyway. The most underpaid, disrespected people in the world. People that get killed to save your life, yet when they are arresting you for going 50 mph down a 20 mph road, you spit on them and say you weren't speeding; even though by pulling you over they just saved about 5 lives.

Some people say the police have never helped them, but that's because they are so dirty that instead of calling the cops when people are shooting at each other you just jump in.

Many people think that all cops are racist, and only arrest blacks. Sorry, but they arrest who is commiting crimes, and if blacks are commiting crimes, they don't care that they are black and arrest them.

Because of them, you live day by day. Who else would be protecting you from people running down the streets with M16s?
Rich girl: Like oh my god I got pulled over for going 40 over the speed limit. I hate police they have nothing to do!

5 minutes later she is getting mugged and calls the police. They come nd arrest the guy mugging her.

Rich girl: Oh my god I love the police!
Jamal: Yo I hate dese cops they don't help anyone, they just interrupt my gang fights.

*Starts shooting at random people*
Police come and shoot him.

by Sheriff Kahn July 10, 2008

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