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6 definitions by Sheedy

Cheap town, average wage is 10 grand a year. Kids are encouraged to drop out of school at 16, work on the prom selling 2 quid shoes and then retire at 21 and live on the dole, stabbing grannies for crack money.
Makes ghetto areas in London look like Vegas.
by Sheedy July 01, 2004
The act of dipping your penis in a tub of BBQ sauce and then grabbing the base of the penis and swinging it around 360 degrees, extremly fast.
Shit hitting the fan.
by Sheedy September 27, 2004
Start by pulling your opponents pants down and then spit on your fist and ram it up his anus. Once inserted, proceed to ram your whole arm up, twist your arm 90 degrees and then pull out, try to grab as much shit as possible. Now slap your opponent and give him a forearm smash.

This technique is a real crowd pleaser and always works with the ladies.
In my fight with Rodney, I finished him off with the Anal Arm Attack.
by Sheedy October 29, 2004
When going to the toilet for a piss and unzipping your pants but not the top button, holding your boxers down so that your ball bag stays in your pants and rubs against your thumb while your penis drops out and pisses, then you fart and then once you have finished pissing, smell your finger.

You should detect the smell of fart and ball sweat.
Always wash your hands
by Sheedy March 24, 2005
some idiot who is below a rook
<Wizard Devil> I'm trying to settle this argument.
<#community> stfu dirt
by Sheedy September 04, 2006
Where a large black woman spreads her legs and and a small Chinese man inserts his head into her kebab.
She was eating eggrolls like pieces of popcorn.
by Sheedy September 29, 2004