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Shown mostly in upperclassman jocks, this syndrome can be painful if left untreated. Typically, only people with a Y chromosome experience this, although their are rare reports of girls suffering. The only cure is maturing, but most people suffering from this cannot mentally mature past fourth grade. Most patients typically have intercourse with any willing underclassman, usually horny freshman. Many of these sufferers cheat on their current same-age partner with younger, naive girls.

Freshman girls are warned to stay away from these boys, as nothing comes out of these relationships except a broken hymen, STDs, pregnancy, and ho status.
Sean: Dude, did you see Bob chatting up that chick Marissa?
Jake: Hell yeah! Dude, how old is she?
Sean: 14! Talk about Freshman Fuck Syndrome.
by Shayy :]] September 14, 2008

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