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Wow. I swear, I have never met a group of such naive and prejeduced people before. All you believe are stereotypes! Here is the real definition of a cheerleader:

A person who simply enjoys cheering. I myself am not a cheerleader, but I know several girls who are, and none of them sleep around, nor are any of them bratty or spoiled. They like to cheer, just like people like to write, draw, or swim. Just because you don't cheer doesn't mean you should bash it. Everyone on here claims to be so open minded, but none of them hesitate to slap a label such as 'slut' 'prep' 'richgirl' or otherwise onto people who are human beings JUST LIKE THEM.
As for it not being a sport, I believe that it deserves to be called one. You have to be extremely flexible and spend hours each day practicing and stretching to do the flips, pyramids, and formations that cheerleaders do. When you can do a backhand spring, back flip, and hold up a girl that weighs as much as you do, all the while smiling, then you are free to call it what you want.
So please, before you bash these people and their hobby, think for a minute...are you really acting any better than what you are calling them?
I went to the basketball game to watch Alice play and her sister, Brittany, cheer. I thought they were both good, and they were both sore but happy afterwards.
by Shannon Lynn August 19, 2005

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