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Another common way Shankavitch manifests herself is by urging the affected female to obsessively check her daily horoscope and then analyze every detail of it. It's as if the author of the daily horoscope is Shankavitch herself, just pestering the poor girl.
Daily Horoscope: Your attachment to something beautiful can get you into trouble now, whether you are hooked by a piece of art or by another person. Although your desires are not specifically physical, they certainly could manifest that way. Ultimately, you are more in love with an idea than with anything else. Understanding this can help reduce your frustration, especially if you are less than satisfied with what you receive.
Shankavitch Reaction:
uh ohhh, well first of all, I wouldn't say i'm "in love" with anything, you should have seen mine yesterday. (and so on...)
by Shankalank April 26, 2007
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