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3 definitions by Shandooga

That certain class of broadcast (irrespective of medium) which purports to be true and complete information but has been manipulated, filtered and censored by corporations, government agencies and any other parties wealthy or influential enough to access corporate media decision makers. Knews usually advertises itself using slogans that suggest very strongly that its presenters and content can be "trusted" or that the viewer can make his own decision about what he will see.

Knews is one of the main products of a governmedia and differentiated from infotainment in that it is focused on national, international or political events rather than celebrities, sports or other trivial pursuits. Knews (pronounced: `k-news) represents itself as "news" but has a diluted basis in reality (if any). If the producers of knews haven't totally fabricated its content, they have distorted the meaning of real events until the final product is more closely representative of propaganda.
There was a delay at the airport, the knews said it was due to something linked to Al Qaeda but I know better.
by Shandooga January 31, 2008
(v) A mashup of "integrity" and "suicide" meaning 'to assassinate one's own character and credibility through an exposed pattern of deceit, deception, prevarication, equivocation and any and every other terminology that can be linked to dishonesty.'
Man 1: "The governmedia committed integricide years ago but, for some reason, most people still listen to them. Go figure."

Woman 1: "It amazes me that people still vote because there hasn't been a single politician who hasn't publicly committed integricide in decades."

Woman 2: "I know! All the politicians, the knews media, the military; it's like they're all in a mass integricide pact!"
by Shandooga May 27, 2008
A disparaging reference to the same THEORY also known as Evolution among those who subscribe to it. The term "Neverlution" is intended for use by proponents of opposing views of evolution and endeavors to include a commentary on the likelihood of life spontaneously arising and successfully changing to progressively better equipped forms.

Use of "Neverlution" seeks to exacerbate the situation of the hopelessly besieged theorists whose life's work amounts to mere wishful thinking while it hobbles along without intelligence, guidance or interference from any source outside of the lifeforms' already ill-explained environment.

Use of the term "neverlution" is always facetious and especially applies in discussions surrounding the fact that proponents of the terminally flawed theory of evolution have provided no explanation for how life arose in the first place.
Have you ever noticed that Neverlution works fine if you *only* discuss lions hunting deer but it says nothing about defenseless fruit trees and vegetables? How'd those get here?
by Shandooga May 05, 2008