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1 definition by Sexy Elf Lady

Skylar Snow
Exceptionally sexy member of CK clan on runescape with insanely random combat stats that make no sense.

Also used as a term for getting totally progged in duel arena. Since she was like 98 cmb and beating 126's constantly (and she had normal balanced stats of 80 str and 79 att, 77 def).

Skylar sucks at PKing in general but is an awesome tanker.
If you see her, att her, but she'll probably kill you based on extreme luck.

Much like the famed "Gf Coheed", "snow style" can also be used while PKing items with high values.
"omfg i just got killed skylar snow style"

"snow style bitch!"
by Sexy Elf Lady October 27, 2006