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1. The plan you and your buddy have, this plan is so gnarley though that its almost unreachable.

2. Reaching the level of something or anything that is unheard of, the most gnarley level of anything.

Stursa can also be used in terms of weight measurment, where as one Stursa is about 225lbs
"Yo son I got this hilacious ass plan see! this ones on the Stursa level though so we gonna have to be carefull 'n' shit."

Guy A - "God damn man, I got stursa'd last night!"

Girl A - "hell yeah dude me too!"

Guy B - "Holy shit guys I cant believe you aint dead yet!"

"How many stursa's you think that thing weighs brohamsonite?"

"I dont know sir, I'd have to guess at least 15 stursa's"
#hilacious #awesome #radical #crazy #ridiculous
by Senor Gato Bueno May 06, 2010
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