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The stomp that James Hetfield lead singer guitarist from Metallica does has his stadge move. As he sings and kills it on guitar he stomps a foot very aggressive and is like his form of a dance stadge move.
I was at this show the other night and bassist was rocking out was pulling off the Hetfield Stomp like it was his own move. It was bitchin'.
by Secret Destroyer February 11, 2010
A slang term used to refer to going to the bath and taking a poop, dump, crap,deuce, and ext.

The act of a human making a sausage shaped poop/turd and depositing the poop/turd into the toilet.
"That pizza has gone right threw me. I have to go make some toilet sausage."
by Secret Destroyer February 08, 2009
A well groomed beard worn by male business professionals. Usually shaped, not thick, no facial hair under the jaw line, ass well keep as the hair a top their head, their beard is a extention of the hair on the top of their head, and good chance hair dye is used to hide the grey and white hairs in their beard.
Mr. Fitzwell Business Beard is looking tight and very classy.
by Secret Destroyer September 19, 2010
A name and term that is used for a mustache.
Look at Dirk's lip muscle he thinks it makes him look strong. It only makes him look like a sad motorcycle cop.
by Secret Destroyer March 27, 2010

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