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After taking a few laxatives, you ask someone to politely like your ass crack. If they abide, during the intimacy, yell "Allllaaaaaaaaa!" and let out a well deserved fart. If all is well, some watery secretion should follow.
I tricked her and gave her the Gasey Bin Laden!
by Scrub McGrub January 04, 2011
During sex, the giver defecates in his hand. Then, patties up the poo and asks the unsuspecting victim if they are hungry. Then, before the receiver can answer, the "pooper" shoves the doo doo pancake in their mouth.
"Hey Billy, See that brown spot on her face?"
"Yeah, Why?"
"Because I slipped her the Kentucky Whopper!"
by Scrub McGrub January 04, 2011

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