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adj. Shmeeky- 1. The quality of being stingy and sneaky in your doings 2. Stinginess in a sneaky manor

v. Shmeek- 1. To commit act of stinginess in a sneaky fashion 2. To trifle about on your feet, ambiguously 3. To ogle your surroundings with unnecessary giddiness

n. Shmeek- 1. One who claims the such qualities 2. A two-face or turncoat 3. One who is good at keeping secrets
Hey, don't be shmeeky; I know you have more crackers in your pocket.

Hes up to something. Look at his face he's shmeeking hard.

Stop being such a shmeek and tell me what she said about me.
by Scottrick The Lobster October 06, 2010

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