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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Note that by "colored" they don't include Mexicans, Asians, etc, etc, only blacks.

Blatant racists in their own right, they'd prefer to believe it's the 1800s, and the white devils are constantly out to lynch them instead of realize that black people kill more white people nowadays than the other way around.

In their mind, Don Imus should be put to death for mildly racist comments, but Michael Vick should be free to brutally murder animals all he wants. If you need an example of these people, look no further than Al Sharpton, who jumps at any opportunity to turn any possible racism into a blown-out-of-proportion media circus where he can assert his position as King Nigger and make white people suck him off before they can be free of getting called a racist.
"Don Imus and Michael Richards are the scum of the Earth for possibly being racist.

OJ and Michael Vick are cool though."

by Scottish Jesus September 03, 2007

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