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NOUN - )Racine, WI....-Raytown, the cilla, rayzilla, etc...) Home to a few and the wanna-be home to oh, so many. A regular stranger that is lucky & lost can possibly navigate through this mid-sized diverse Midwestern City and make the conclusion that, "damn this is a nice place to live." While most of the natives there will hold a special place in their heart for Racine too many people since the beginning of the 80's with the cobination of corperations leaving town, and the RUSD going in the pooper have given Racine a bad rap. And by bad rap I am not refering to the awful local home-grown talented rapper, Mister Kevin Green. Racine sits on the westside shores of the mighty Lake Michigan. Yet due to the massive amounts of chemicals, seagul & human poop being dumped into the waters off Milwaukee, Racine citizens cannot even enjoy their lake-front paradise. Yet on a hot summer one cannot help to notice that still many make the venture from the hood to bath in those waters. The demensions of Racine are basically set up into 4 quadrants. You have the "soufside" which usually smells like a horrible comination of poop and urine due to the large "yellow ball" down there. Then there is the "mall area." Ahh yes, Emergancy mall.. o I mean Regency Mall. You won't find any of the rich a-holes venturing up from Illinois to shop in this mall. To the natives Regency Mall is basically a "mini-Racine" all in itself. Then the third area of Racine is entirly owned by the family that owns this city, The Johnsons. Their mafia provides the jobs for the majority of our citizens and owns much of the norfside. THEN, the last area.... Thee ghe-tto. Our Midwest ghetto is unique to itself and undescribable in that it covers 99.9% of this city. I advise that your next family vacation be spent just touring our fine ghetto, for you cannot miss it. This brings to the final aspect in the defenition of Racine. I feel as though this city is losing its' popularity at an alarming rate. This is because of the twin bullies to the north, Milwaukee, and to the south, Chicago. At times this effect makes the residents feel as though they are living in the "gooch" of those two cities. ENOUGH SAID, VIVA LA RAYTOWN!!!
1. "I am from the ray."

2. "Oh please, what you know about the cilla?"

3. ".......Raytown........."
by Sco2theDoubleT April 19, 2005

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