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Running naked behind the person you intend to make love to while attempting to penetrate their available orifice with your penis. Also known as a hot refuel.
Her Parkinson's disease made it much harder to land a mid-air refuel.
by Schnapdogg February 05, 2011
When two men are too intoxicated to have sex with each other.
Bruce and Ken had too many appletinis, so when they got back to their apartment, all they could do was some serious spaghetti fencing.
by Schnapdogg February 28, 2011
When a dude with horrible personality, ripped abs and orange skin drops a roofie in your drink
I thought Pittsburgh was an okay town until I got situ-rape-tioned by some Steeler.
by Schnapdogg February 05, 2011
When your penis achieves an erection for no reason.
I was hesitant to get up in front of everybody since I was sporting a Teboner.
by Schnapdogg January 08, 2012
When one shits so hard that before, during and afterwards, your butthole has a seizure.
After eating the raw clam sandwich, my poor arse was epilrectic
by Schnapdogg October 16, 2011

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