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2 definitions by Scarlett Letter

Obviously sexy without trying. Same as Apparently Sexy. Effortless seduction. Unaware of the power of your sexiness.
Janet: That dress is so cute on you.

Kate: I want to wear it to work, but why do I feel like it's not appropriate. (looking down at her accidental cleavage) So dumb.

Janet: Right. CLEARLY you're a woman.

Kate: Totally. Accidental Sexy...the story of my life.
by Scarlett Letter February 10, 2012
Same as Fuckable or Shag Worthy. Someone who is attractive enough to have sex with but not necessarily a relationship with. Or someone you are on the fence about sleeping with.
Janet: Okay...I'm going to show you his picture. He's kind of cute...I think.

Kate: (After viewing the picture) Totally bed worthy.
by Scarlett Letter January 19, 2012