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During summer vacation, Tamotsu is on break from work happens to visit a particular café. It is at this café that Tamotsu meets Pico, who works there for his grandfather. Tamotsu instantly falls for Pico, believing that Pico is a girl because of his feminine appearance. However, to his disbelief, Pico claims he actually is a guy. Undeterred, Tamotsu pursues a sexual relationship with Pico, to an extent where he even persuades Pico into wearing girl clothes. When Pico asks what is he to Tamotsu, he finds himself unable to answer...
Boku no Pico is a shotacon yaoi hentai anime.
by Satoko_Houjou May 26, 2010
Another name for the japanese anime character "Light Yagami", used by Light's haters.
Light fangirl: OMFG Light's so hot!
Me: Really? Imagay Lightbulb? Meh.
by Satoko_Houjou July 24, 2010
It is a hentai manga with only one chapter. The plot is basically this guy's cat dies, so a girl dresses up as a cat and goes to his house and they have sex.
I love Cat-Head Imako. Such a great hentai.
by Satoko_Houjou May 26, 2010
Pico meets Chico a boy a little younger than him. After Chico shows Pico his sister pleasuring herself Pico introduces Chico to the world of sex.
Pico to Chico is a shotacon yaoi hentai anime. It is the sequel to boku no pico.
by Satoko_Houjou May 26, 2010
An online comic about a girl named Emma who wakes up with 4 eggs that hatch to make her boring, useless life less boring. The creator noted that it was inspired by the manga Shugo Chara, but it's not a romance.
Official Vampire Chara plot:
Emma is a young girl, sick of life and sick of people, except her close friends and little sisters. One day, after barfing, in her puke, she finds 4 eggs, with things like skulls and zombies and bats on them. Doesn't want to keep them or destroy them, they hatch and give her vampire powers!
Will she use them for good.... or for evil?!
by Satoko_Houjou July 24, 2010
He is a fictional manga character from the manga Daimien 666. His girlfriends name is Hina. He is the ruler of hell.
Daimien 666 is SO HOT!
by Satoko_Houjou May 26, 2010
EPIC WIN. Anime porn.
See anime, manga and porn.
by Satoko_Houjou May 26, 2010

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