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3 definitions by Sarcastic Sid

Adopting a social cause because it's hip to do so. These people are usually identified by having the personality flaw of being far too gullible and being unable to think for themselves. They are sucked in by modern propaganda and peer pressure.
He got all involved with saving the trees because his friends were all doing it, what a trendanista.
by Sarcastic Sid December 02, 2004
In hacky sack, the Stalin Rule is a tricky move where you bend over backwards as the hacky sack is going up, catch the hacky sack on your chest and hold it there for a few seconds (otherwise known as a stall), and let it roll down towards your foot. At that point you boot it at the person closest to you, annhililating them while you catch them off guard.
It takes skill to be able to execute the Stalin Rule.
by Sarcastic Sid December 02, 2004
Avril Lavigne and similar artists.
Like omg, Avril is soo hardcore. Have you heard some of her killer riffs lately?
by Sarcastic Sid December 02, 2004