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A word used to describe a "man" of a particularly discreet and BEEFY character. It is a combination of 2 words - BIFF & BITCH. Biff is otherwise known as THE TOE, WIFE BEATER, OLD MAN (WITH sweat patches), BEEFEATER, and of course.....BEEF. The majority of these names where created by none other than...PRINCE SAUD. Lets go into the raunchiness of BIFTCH. Alex Tooulas is THE definition of SEX, HE IS A SEX GODDESS...his swaying locks, his moist DC hat, his red jumper (sometimes white), his life-saving scented gel, and his IRRESISTIBLE body could make you CUM in your pants...uuhhhh...I want you.
by Sarah Van Shagme December 03, 2004
A chod "slash" flange. The act of flodging is a complex self-pleasurable action.

1) Form a fist-like shape with the hand (as one would when....masturbating the penis)
2) Extend the smallest finger (pinky)
3) Move the hand in a sliding motion so as to masturbate the penis whilst shoving the 'pinky' up the vagine FOR DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF PLEASURE
Flodge me!

I have been flodging all night and feel rather nautious
by Sarah Van Shagme December 03, 2004
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