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(Also known as CJ)
The first african american you get to play in Grand Theft Auto. Carl Johnson is a man who left his hood in Los Angeles (called Los Santos) for 5 years, just to come back to a phone call about his mother's assasination.
On the way home from the airport, his little C.R.A.S.H. buddies appear (See Tenpenny) and take all his money. They drop him off in Ballas turf and leave him to rot.
Carl Johnson is a character you get to customize (first time in GTA), you can make him fat by eating too much at fast food joints, you can make him muscular by going to the gym, you can make him a sex bomb, or a sex dud by buying good clothes, getting nice cuts, driving sweet cars, and dating one of the 7 hot ladies while playing through the storyline
Carl: Fucking mute gave me a peice of shit instead of a pinkslip!
by San An Lover November 28, 2004
Officer Tenpenny is a police officer in the award winning game series; Grand Theft Auto. Officer Tenpenny is one of Carl Johnson's biggest enemies, yet Carl is forced to work for the man. Officer Tenpenny tried to kill Carl numerous times, onlt to fail and end up killed himself
See Carl Johnson
Tenpenny: I aint stayin round here, Carl, these riots could kill a cop...
Carl: So your gonna catch a plane?
Tenpenny: Dingdingdingding! I am LEAVING San Andreas!
by San An Lover November 27, 2004

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