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Fraternal community of brothers of the nugget. Within the commune the law of the nug is supreme. Through the house flows an average of a LB a week. The commune is located in the University District of Seattle and inhabited by 4 University of Washington students, 1 belvue community college student, and 345009 of their friends who stumble through all day every day. The nugs around the commune are generally work nugs, not the fine nugs of delicassy, though they are sufficient to enlighten brethren as to the glories of the nug.
Chongo: You goin to the delta nug house today to burn?
Homie: yeah but they said you were a chongo and could not come.
Chongo: bunch of bum hosers eh?
Homie: Go back to canada chongo.
by Samuel Tyrone Ledarious March 16, 2008

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