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Specifically the negative or immature demeanor, associated behaviors, silver-spoon fed, pompously inappropriate, childish, and rude mannerisms most commonly expressed by a rotten little sister who has somehow envisioned herself to be worthy of a position of power and sharp tongue, which she clearly has not earned. To act in a rude, disorderly, or otherwise unkind fashion towards an older brother or sister without cause, justification, or reason.
An older brother called his youngest sister whilst she was away at her freshman year of college just to say hello and see how things were going, however he could not spare the time of day to say hello and shoot the breeze, so instead of being friendly, the little sister copped a fierce brattitude, saying something with a dismissive and judgmental tone about how she had to go because it was time to eat dinner. Huh, I guess older brothers aren't worth a dime's worth of respect and friendliness for some unexplained reason.
by Salvatore Paradise January 31, 2011
A cog in the machine that eats the news and spits out mindless garbage designed to hide the actual news.
The conflictinator announced a shocking revalation on the flat screen today, "The corporation bought the farm today, American government will be a one party system from here on out."
by Salvatore Paradise November 13, 2010
<jaw-guh> J.ust A.nother U.nemployed W.hite G.uy - also JAWG, like DAWG, but for white guys, a term coined by Salvatore Paradise in his third book entitled "Danny Veit is a Piece of Sheit." Initially used to describe his second unemployed friend, now applicable to 11% of the population in this second American Great Depression
How's it hangin' JAUWG, find a job yet? No man, I applied to work at six flags, but all of the 40 year old JAUWGS got there first. What's an 18 year old JAUWG supposed to do for money these days? I donno man, have you tried asking your dad if you can work for him at his company JAUWG?
by Salvatore Paradise August 04, 2009
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