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The network named "Music television", although it ironically is not. They only play music in the early hours of the morning. Most famous of MTV shows may include the Real World, or TRL. Preppy bubblegum pop teenagers such as Lindsay Lohan fans run home with their cell phones and diet sodas screaming to their "BFFs" "OH EM GEE BECKY TRL IS ON LETS GO STARE AT RYAN SHECKLER HE IS SOOOO HOT!!!" even though if an amazingly attractive skateboarder came up to them they would roll their eyes because he's not some stupid prep, and walk away.
Example 1:
person A: What does MTV stand for?
person B: Music television.
A: Why in the world do they call it that?

Example 2:
They should change MTV to RTV, because they never play music, just reality shows.

by Salad Fayce October 17, 2007
Hair style. Started by The Misfits.
Once rocked by Davey Havok of AFI. Bangs long in front, down to about the chin. Also known as the devil lock.
Look at that guy's hair! He's rocking a serious devil curl.
by Salad Fayce October 16, 2007

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