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4 definitions by SailorNikki

It's a portmanteau of the words condiment and nom.

More noms can be added to stress the deliciousness of condiment/food combination.
Ketchup and mustard are the perfect condinoms for bacon wrapped hot dogs.

OMG mayo on a burger is so condinomnomnomnom!
by SailorNikki January 09, 2011
13 2
Noun. Activity that requires physical or mental exertion while chasing a San Francisco MUNI bus. Also, having to run to your destination because of late or missed MUNI buses.

Verbs: MUNIcised, MUNIcising, MUNIcises.
Sara: Going to the gym after work today?
Jane: Nah, I MUNIcised twice this morning trying to get to work on time. I've done my cardio for the day.
by SailorNikki January 27, 2011
5 0
Noun. A combination of the words condiment and mania, it describes a person who is overly zealous or enthusiastic about condiments. More extremely, a raving or violently insane person over condiments, specially over their stock pile or hoard.
Moving in with Bill? Cool, cool. However, word of advice? Do NOT touch his condiments! Get your own. Seriously. Bill's a condimaniac and will chew your head off!
by SailorNikki January 11, 2011
3 0
Noun. A combination of the words condiment and mania, it describes a condition in which a person displays excessive excitement or enthusiasm about condiments. They may have a tendency to stock condiments in unreasonable amounts, in case of another Great Depression or Apocalypse. Might also manifest an unusual amount of historical and trivial knowledge about condiments.
Peter: Dude, why did Steve grab two handfuls of ketchup packets for just one hot dog?

Mike: Because he suffers from condimania.

The crazy old Cat Lady was able to put out the fire with the 30 squeezable bottles of mustard she kept in her pantry. Condimania saved her life!
by SailorNikki January 11, 2011
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