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to eat food. to yam food.
to eat pussy. to yam pussy.
"me nah yam no pussy" = i dont eat no pussy
by Saara C June 23, 2007
a show where white women go to find out who the father is of their mulatto child. sometimes numerous guys are tested. most of the time, the guy is not the father. if the guy is the father, the guy and viewers seem to forget that the women is still a whore for being capable for sleeping with over 15 guys in a period of 1 month.
oh yes.. sometimes other topics are talked about.. but most of the time, paternity tests are needed for the sad growing population of mulatto american children.
goes to show how corrupt american can be.. fo sho!
emily went on maury povich to get jamel and sha'ron tested.. big surprise when it came back either one was the father.. i told that bitch, demar, jordan, de'jon or tyson might be the father. might...
by saara c May 12, 2008

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