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When corn on the cob is undressed (shucked) by many hands for all to enjoy.
Person #1: "Hey, check out all this corn I just shucked."

Person #2: "Ooh! I'm so excited my mouth is watering."

These two people are engaging in Corn Porn.
by STS-69 August 02, 2011
Slang for penis.
That guy has a huge fippy.
Fippies were the conversation topic of the evening.
by STS-69 June 18, 2011
The Negative Nancy of the Jurassic period.
Brontosaurus #1: Hey, do you want to go for a waddle through the forest and eat ferns?

Brontosaurus #2: Nah, we might get attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Here, Brontosaurus #2 is clearly being a Bumsaurus.
by STS-69 August 01, 2011
The shame passengers feel after rushing the aircraft’s gate entrance during the boarding process of a commercial jet only to be turned away because there seating zone has not yet been called.
Gate Storming Shame occurs when a passenger is full of shame after rushing to be the first one in line to board the aircraft only to be turned away because his/her zone had not yet been called.

Apparently when airline personnel announce "We will now begin the boarding process starting with First Class" that translates into "Hey everybody! Get the fuck out of your seats and board the aircraft all at once!"
by STS-69 July 14, 2011
When a nerd, operating on his Alienware laptop, goes "stealth" enabling himself to watch German pornography without the computer's loud fan infringing on this private experience.
Tommy switches to "Stealth Mode" during study hall so as to not distract the others seated in-front of him in the classroom.
by STS-69 October 11, 2011

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