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Pikeys are the scum of society that are feared but mostly hated by every member of the community apart from themselves. You can spot a pikey from a mile away due to their ugly looks, constant stench of stale fags and Stella. Not to mention their shell suits with the most schnide Burberry you will ever see in your life. Everything they own is stolen, ranging from their fat, dirty cheap sovereigns to their trainers, which they most probably got by them and their “bruvs” robbing some poor little defenceless kid. You can tell where a pikey has been by the puddles of spit they leave and their poor attempts to graff accompanied by they ridiculously named gangs written on every available surface of the street. They all shag the same slag before she is 16 as any later than that age as socially unacceptable in a pikey society so you will find that Wayne is Shane’s brother and dad. Sexually transmitted diseases are rife so don’t even consider getting a blowjob off one... Little fucking shits!
I fucking hate pikeys
by SMgs February 13, 2004

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