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To have the best possible hand pre & post flop in Texas Hold'em, only to lose the hand either on the turn or on the river by having someone call you with no pair or no draw.
Dealer: Shaun moves all in

Dealer: Aaron calls

Dealer: Shaun has A/Q for top two pair

Dealer: Aaron has jack high, with a back door flush possibility

Dealer: Aaron wins, with runner runner flush.

Shaun: I just got Jim'd
by S. Havlin January 13, 2010
To be so over-joyed with emotion you have an intimate release of bodily fluids.
Tamatha: Shaun, we would like to give you a bump in salary. How does twenty percent sound?

Shaun: Oh my god, that is so amazing, I think I just twittered.
by S. Havlin January 13, 2010
To act like you are the end all, be all. To think you are above everything else
Tabitha: Can you believe how awesome I am. No one can touch me.
Shaun: You so Dursty
by S. Havlin January 08, 2010
An expression used in certain games that can cause quite a bit of confusion
Brandy: What are some things you shouldn't do with your tongue?
Shaun: Dig a hole
by S. Havlin January 08, 2010

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