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Japanese misspelling of the word "information".
If one checks Google there will be over 3 million hits with the misspelled word, and 99% of them show Japanese URLs.
Excusu me, huere is za infomation buusu, prease.
by Ryuichi Sakamoto October 09, 2006
All British people in the world, ever.
Look at me, I'm from England, I use words like whilst and put the letter "U" in unnecessary places! I'm such a pretentious cunt!
by Ryuichi Sakamoto October 09, 2006
-Short for "Loser Back Home".
-Refers to expatriates (Usually hailing from North America or Europe)with low standards who create a completely different persona in their new country to cover for the fact that they are seen as complete douchebags back home.
-A characteristic LBH wears khaki pants/shorts, sandals with socks, and wife beaters. Sometimes they may wear sunglasses atop theirs heads, but never in the proper position.
-The LBH are increasing in number in many Asian countries, specifically Japan and China.
-They usually prey on Asian girls with low self esteem to compensate for never getting laid back in their home countries.
Native: Look at that LBH, trying to take all of our women...

Expat with sense: I'm ashamed for all Westerners...
by Ryuichi Sakamoto May 31, 2006
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