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A major metropolis of about 690,000 located along the Ohio River in the Lower Midwest. This is also the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is the "Most Southern of Northern Cities."
We pass through and see the incredible skyline of Louisville on my way back to college in northern Kentucky.
by Ryan The Bush-Supporter February 06, 2005
A Midwestern city with 53,400 people and located in northwestern Kentucky. Infamous for the International Bar-B-Q Festival, founded (1811) during earthquakes of incredible magnitude erupting from the New Madrid Fault Line, and site of a small Civil War battle.
Owensboro is also known as O-Town and The River City.
by Ryan The Bush-Supporter February 06, 2005
Disabled Dan, if you make another stereotypical remark about my Midwestern native state again, I'll make sure you ARE disabled, punkbitch!
Kentucky is awesome; Disabled Dan in a moron.
by Ryan The Bush-Supporter February 26, 2005

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