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Typically a man of African American decent who has lost an extremity due to a cock fight accident. After these men suffer such horrible injuries they are forced to work at a Taco bell with their little stumps or otherwise known as Nubs. As the studies from Arlington Heights Nuby study center shows these men almost always work the cash register and when handed crumpled up bills these men slap the money against their little stumps or commonly known as nubs.
"Oh my god Daniel did you see that mans nub"
"HAHAH he has a nub"
"Wes wishes he became a Nub from a cockfight"
" Ricky Can't be in cock fights because of a certain reason, pertaining to the issue of having a cock"
" Myles wanker is a nub, think of an asians penis"
by Ryan Parker the first November 27, 2005

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