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A "show" on MTV that showcases the 16th birthdays of different spoiled little preppy boys and girls that scream and yell at their parents when they don't get the $500,000 Hummer limo they wanted when they wanted to ride to their multi-million dollar party at a high-class club in downtown full of other spoiled little boys and girls screaming at their bodyguards when they don't give them the drink they asked for, who follow around the birthday girl/boy (usually girl) when they yell at club employees to kick out people the birthday person just so happens to not like.

The show itself has no point, much like most of MTV's other programs. It just centers around the stupid little rich bitch that doesn't realize they're a fucking spoiled brat that only has a life, friends and clothes because of the ridiculous amounts of money their (very weak willed) parents shove in their face when the brats wanted something, which the parents also used to avoid parenting altogether and just make their little hellspawns shut the fuck up. They cry, they scream, they complain until they get what they want. The whole show the birthday person complains, asks for things that a middle-class person would have to save up for years to get, and laughs at people who can't go to their party. The whole time the birthday person crys because they think the party is going to turn out horrible because they aren't getting all of what they want, but it eventually does turn out "ok" for them, and they can go home that night satisfied that they spent over a million dollars on a party that no one with a real life gave a shit about.
Jennifer: "OHMYGOSH IT'S SO MY BIRTHDAY! I'm going to invite, like, 100 of my friends to go to this club! It's going to cost, like, I don't know, half a million dollars or something, but who cares?! It's not MY money!"

*Jennifer and her mother go to a store to get a dress*

Mother: "How about this dress, dear?"


*at the party*

Jennifer: "Um, what is THAT girl doing here? Bodyguard guy, kick her out! NOW! She's making my party all...ewwww!! NOW! GO! Useless ape."

Pretty much all episodes are like this on My Super Sweet 16.
by Ryan McGinnis August 21, 2005
925/x925x. Liverbore/Live No More/Livebromore. A city with a population roughly around 76,000 people. Full of friendly people, great businesses, and a great place to raise a family. The high schools, however, are currently overcrowded, and they need to build another one. Viewed as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, terror attack-wise, because of "The Lab" (Lawrence Livermore Lab) where various government experiments and projects go on, and it being a major target terrorists could hit and cause radioactive and nuclear disaster.

Punk/hardcore/indie shows are held at Unity Skate Shop, Magoo's Pizza, the Elk's Lodge, and the Odd Fellow's Hall.

The In N' Out is a popular hang out spot for teens.

Granada Bowl is also a popular spot.

Off Airway Blvd. and down the highway is Dublin and Pleasanton, Livermore's sister cities.

(I find myself at a loss for more places/things to say/etc., so if anyone wants to add more, feel free to.)
I just went to a Unity show last night in Livermore. It was killer, as usual.
by Ryan McGinnis November 20, 2005
A fast food place that serves Mexican food, some of which is all the same thing but prepared different and has a different name. Used to be much better, but they changed the meat or something, now it's not as good. Still, very good fast food.

My usual is a double decker taco, a nacho cheese chalupa, and a cherry coke, because that combo owns.
I've never had diarrhea after consumption of Taco Bell, I've just got really good food.
by Ryan McGinnis January 02, 2006
The way lazy idiots say the word "probably." Another internet bastardization that makes some want to stab whoever uses it in the foot.
Moron: "shut up, you fucking cock, you prolly dropped out of high school and now fuck your fat landlord to pay the rent in your shitty apartment!!!!"

Educated Person: "You should probably...I mean, "prolly" die very soon."
by Ryan McGinnis January 02, 2006
A horrible fast "food" resturant that serves discusting food that they try to pass off as meat.

The only good things at McDonalds, in my opinion, are the chicken sandwiches, the parfaits, the fries (in small amounts), the chicken selects, and the Big Macs SOMETIMES.

Pulls people in with cheesy advertising and video of their food which never looks like it does when you order it.

Consuming large amounts of McDonald's food will either a) get to extremely fat b) ruin your health c) kill you d) all of the above.

Avoid, except on rare occasions.
After eating McDonalds, he got so sick, he almost threw up and shit himself at the same time. What horrible "food" did they give him?
by Ryan McGinnis January 02, 2006

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