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1 definition by RuannaTheRipper

Also known as Discoball, Sparkles, The Living Bottle Of Body Glitter, The Fanged Pixie, etc, for obvious reasons.
A "vampire" from Twilight, the novel by Stephanie Meyer.
Sparkles when light hits him. Can't really die, so he occupies his life by psuhing Bella infront of a bus and then saving her.
108 year old virgin. Listens to horrible music. Wears bodyglitter. Basically a homo with fangs that rarely seem to show. Makes a living mockery of real honest-to-goodness vampires like Dracula.
Most girls would describe him as sexy, hot, etc, etc. Why, no one knows. But no one really wants to know what goes on inside a fangirl's head. Its been known that some girls actually dump their boyfriends from not sparkling when they hit them with a flashlight.
To sum it up, a homo who eats poor innocent animals and basically isnt real.
Jenny: Oh, gosh! Its Edward Cullen!

Bob: No, its not, you deranged fangirl. It's just a dragqueen in a halloween costume. Sheesh.


Frying Pan: Hey, Potroast.

Potroast: Yes?

Frying Pan: We're halfway over the Pacific Ocean by now, arent we?

Potroast: That we are.

Frying Pan: Well, since I left my blender that not only dices, purees, and blends, but also spits fire at home, hows about we chuck Edward Cullen out the emergency hatch?

Potroast: He's on this flight?

Frying Pan: Yep. We bring him everywheres just so we can torture him, remember?

Potroast: Oh, right. Well... I suppose I should go get the leg of mutton. It's safe to knock him unconscious with it since he doesnt eat food.

Frying Pan: Right. I'll scout out the area with the most sharks.

by RuannaTheRipper March 30, 2009
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