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A member of the UKs RAF Regiment.

Came into use in 1952 after two RAF Regiment officers decided to go hunting baboons (locally known as rock apes). In the semi darkness, they split up, and when one of the officers saw a dark shape moving in the distance he shot and hit what he thought was a rock ape. When he moved in to confirm the kill, he found that he had infact shot and wounded the other officer. At the board of inquiry when asked why he shot his fellow officer he replied 'looked just like a rock ape'.

Also renown for thinking themselves to be on a level playing field with the Army's Parachute Regiment and the Royal Navy's Royal Marines, thus making up 'The Big Three'. This is an opinion help only by members of the RAF Regiment.
Rock Ape: Alright fellas, big three yeah?

Marine/Para: Yeah cheers you Rock Ape cunt!
by Royaly Royaly Royaly January 30, 2010

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