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Noun- The procedure of hookin up with a female for a sexual encounter or fun
Jason: Ay my man what up with Tyra tonite

Ryan: Im finna call n set up the mission now
Example II:
Ryan: Man you wouldn't believe it I had a mission with all three of them last nite it was crazy
Jason: Man u lucky my mission fell through
by Royale07 March 01, 2010
1.A word meaning that n which can be substituted for all words mainly adjectives

2.when said 3 times at the end of a phrase in refering to the act of saying the phrase in reverse after the original way.(Most commonly in song)
Person 1: What the zurp u doin
Person 2: Just Ova here zurping
Person 1: damn i aint had a good zurp in a minute
Ready on the right/Ready on the left /Ready on the Left on the Right Zurp Zurp Zurp

Hit em in the head with the lead/with the lead in the head where i hit em @ zurp zurp zurp
by Royale07 March 01, 2010

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