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7 definitions by Ross Avery

Partying serious is much different than partying hard. Partying serious is the much more sophisticated version of partying; it is to keep classy company of the same gender (ladies and gentlemen), whilst in robes, basking in presence of leather bound books, a fireplace, cigars and/or pipes, and of course fine, fine cognac and/or wine.
"We bring the girls in later." Brandon Boyd

The interview where "party serious" can be clearly explained is located here:


start at 2:06, ENJOYincubus
by Ross Avery July 23, 2008
Calling someone when you know they're drunk. This is a very strategic call because its a good way to get information you wouldn't normally get from a sober person (unlike the opposite, drunk dialing, in which you call someone and make a fool of yourself).
I had a hunch she was into me, so since I knew she was partying, I reverse drunk dialed her. Sure enough, I got into her pants that very night! Reverse Drunk Dialing is awesome
by Ross Avery February 21, 2008
Slang for jerkin off.
"I had a massive erection when I woke up this morning, so I had to pull the pudding!"
by Ross Avery May 31, 2009
Much like Weak Sauce, this is just a spicier way of acknowledging that something sucks.
"Pitchfork dissed The Mars Volta again? Weak salsa."
by Ross Avery November 26, 2007
When a you work your game on a sexual prospect.
"Last night at the club I worked some pimp magic on this sexy lady and I ended up bringin' her back to my place and we made sweet love."
by Ross Avery October 12, 2009
When two people trade each other a CD the other has never heard before. Kind of like a blind date, meaning you don't know what you're getting cause it could be anything at all (except a lot less awkward than a blind date).
Keith and I did a Blind Trade the other day. Keith gave me "Kid A" by Radiohead (which I had never heard before), and I gave Keith "De-Loused in the Comatorium" By The Mars Volta (which was completely new to him). It was a good Blind Trade!
by Ross Avery September 11, 2009
When you kiss someone on the cheek with your entire mouth open, then close the lips for the actual kiss, similar to how a camel would kiss you.
"Last night Rocky camel kissed me with his entire mouth!"
by Ross Avery May 31, 2009