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Gothic does not mean most of the things that are on these pages , to all of the readers. I happen to be a 30 year old "gothic woman" so all of those phrases referring to teenagers, well those are not goths, just kids who are trying to get attention if they act like little asses , They do not reamain gothic after high school,but as we all know all teenagers act like that, but the "preps " are usually the ones who end up pregnat by the age of 15.

Although there are true gothic teenagers that stay this way all of their lives. There are some that give others a bad name, just live White people, African Americans, Hispanics, Muslums, you cant judge everyone by one person!
All of the Gothic people I know are very much more on a normal level of life than you so called everyday average people, & yes society does look down on all the gothic people , because its not their way of life, but we do not understand the concept of the way your lives are lived either.
Having chickens in your kitchen for decoration, thats kinda messed up huh? & pretty pink walls & so fourth, You are still just as screwed up in the head as the rest of us, so dont think you are any better. As for hot topic, go in there sometime & talk to the people that work there,or ther customers.
You will find them some of the most intellegent people you will ever meet, Oh & the nicest, as long as you don't come of as you are going to insult them . All that goths are ,are people who are who they want to be, so as for the comments about it not having to do with people, clothing, music or whatever, it has to do with all of those things, because thats the way we want it.
It has NOTHING to do with your defintion, do you see us getting on here writing about how stupid sporty , athletic people are? No you don't. So lay off the subject until you know more about it , the stereotype did come from the old word gothic because that is what has turned us onto that lifestyle, the art, the architecture & so fourth, there are gothic people that do not even dress in black, but they don't because of people like you!!!!!!
by Roseanna Steele September 22, 2006
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