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Scene kids usually all look alike and have the same hairstyle. They don't have their own style, even though some girls say they do.

Female scene kids usually have choppy hair or hair that resembles a huge mullet. They wear little girl clips and are obsessed with eyeliner. They are also obsessed with little kid stuff. They wear skinny jeans with stripped shirts. A lot of the times they wear little kid shirts. They wear flats, leggings, and stripped socks. They always have a picture of them in this certain pose. Their mouth would be opened like they're surprised. They take pictures with the camera high above their side so you could only slightly see the side of their face. They usually have their mouth to the side or make stupid "ugly and cute" facial expressions. The pictures are always photoshopped of course.
come to the show with me ily!! && give me fruity pebbles they make me smile ♥♥ lol rawr scene kid
by Rosanna Marie October 26, 2006

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