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2 definitions by RoodDoodinabadMood

Lame name for a lame trend. Refers to extreme, over the top camber on car wheels, therefore making what could be a cool car look ridiculous, unsafe, and slow.
Your wheel looks like it's about to fall off
No, that's my demon camber

Something about your Celica looks dumb, but I'm not sure what
Check out the demon camber!
Oh, I know now
by RoodDoodinabadMood March 28, 2013
Weird Japanese car customizing style. The cars are often 70s and 80s Japanese cars, but have 5 foot long front spoilers and over the top bodykits. Also common are 10 foot long exhaust pipes sticking straight up. Basically, it's exaggerating features of the car.
What the heck is that thing? It's like a cross between a ricer and a work of art
It's a Bosozoku car
A what?!
A Bosozoku. Japanese car customizing trend.
That's weird, but kinda cool.
I know.
by RoodDoodinabadMood March 28, 2013