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(N) When an emo kid is happy. As emo is an abreviation of emotional, this happiness is usually exagerated and brief, or in combination with another, conflicting emotion, such as sorrow, as when an emo kid "relates to" a Bright Eyes song. This happiness is usually caused by small, transient things, which other people would not understand, such as finding discarded Queen of Hearts playing card by the side of the road, or watching a moth fly around a light bulb.
A brief moment of emo happiness:

Emo Kid 1: I think Kyle is going to break up with me. I'm not in his top 8, and he hasn't said anything about the cuts on my arm in a week...
Emo Kid 2: Hey, look! It's a dandylion in the middle of the sidewalk!
Emo Kid 1: That's beautiful... I can totally sympathize with it.
by Rona the Inedible March 18, 2007

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