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An email specific phenomenon where an email goes unviewed and is hence not responded to, due to it's place in the line of review slipping further and further down as a result of new incomming emails.

Often used as a semmingly infalible excuse for not responsing to an email.
Dude I'm so sorry I did not get back to you. Your email about attending your hamster's burial service must have gotten inboxed.
by Ron Sheridan August 11, 2006
The failure to scroll down while reading an E- mail that results in missing the key information contained therein, giving rise to social/professional embarrassment and/or distress.
"You asshole, I mentioned it in the email, didn't you scroll down? Your nonscrollio committing ass is off the project"
by Ron Sheridan March 22, 2006
A completely harmless email you would welcome in your inbox that gets blocked by your local or server side spam filter.
I was expecting to get an email from you about the opportunity to volunteer at the local shelter for violent offenders, but your email got spam blocked.
by Ron Sheridan January 23, 2007
to photoshop - a verb - a metaphor

The impossible to achieve act of editing a mental picture in an effort to take out an embarassing image.
Dude, I saw you puke on yourself last night. No way you can photoshop your way outta that image.
by Ron Sheridan August 02, 2006
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