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1. misued

2. abused

3. purpose reduced

4. modern manifestation of human immaturity (sadly)

5. initially a great invention; currently a cause for ill intention

6. not a diary or a place for confessionals, however ridiculously slow people tend to think its a perfect location for rants and raves

8. seemingly a popular place for happily exercising and breeding Potty Mouth Syndrome (PMS)

9. brilliant place for ball-less bullies to target their victims.

10. lots more but cant be bothered right now. We have better things to do with our time than to read idiotic definitions which are 95% untrue and write one which actually is (this one duh)
You gotta feel sorry for the inventors of Urban Dictionary. Their intentions were great but clowns will always be clowns. A great place to play immature anonymously. A perfect local hangout joint for cowards to party and light houses on fire. What is the world coming to?
by Rodney, Greg, Peter & Daisy August 18, 2010

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