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1) A villian in the "ass rape man" comics. He commonly tries to steal Ass Rape man's action by trying to butt rape people so that Ass rape man misses the chance, but his plans are generally foiled. In issue #2 The butt burglar tries to ass rape everyone in the city at once using his machine "the ass penetrator 3000" when he tries to harvest all of it he explodes and says ass rape man "Even I knew that much assy pleasure would make you blow up!".

2)One who enjoys ass raping people by "burgaling" their butts.
1)"Oh butt burglar, Now time for the butt raping of a life time!"

2) "Dude, when you're assleep watch your ass! I heard John was a butt burglar!"
by Rocky Fantana October 17, 2006
Any man who is a secret homosexual
"Hey look at Jacob he's staring at Chuck. You know I heard he was a Backdoor Charlie"
by Rocky Fantana October 17, 2006

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