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The word Jazz has its origins in the Creole brothels (Jas houses) of New Orleans in the late 19th century.
Working girls were called jezebels or jesebels, shortened to "jes" or "jez". The pronunciation was closer to "Jas", hence the term "Jas house" for brothel. Music was provided for the clients, and this music became known as "Jas music", sometimes called "Jass music".
A popular explanation for the difference in spelling is that when the word "Jass" was featured in flyers and posters, the letter "J" was often crossed out, leaving "ass" in its place. Promoters felt that "ass music" was a bit inappropriate, so the spelling was changed from "Jass" to "Jazz", hence "Jazz music".
Let's go to Stella's house and listen to some jazz !
by Rocknrollkat February 01, 2011
SALSA is an acronym that stands for either "Spanish American Latin South American" or "South American Latin Spanish American". It defines the music and dance styles originating in New York City's Latin-American communities in the 1970's and later.
See entry number 5, above.
We had a ball in the snack bar at F.I.T. with The Gigmeisters dancing to SALSA all day long !
by Rocknrollkat February 01, 2011
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