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3 definitions by Rock Hardigan

Any girl that is not 18 (AKA of legal age) is automatically labeled as being 12.
Guy A: Ummm there is WAYYY too much 12 here for my taste.

Guy B: Great... I shouldn't have to card my own dates!
by Rock Hardigan September 27, 2008
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A term denoting the girls who are under 18 yet are trying to look 22 and or fake in some way.

Guy A: WOW so much Plastic 12 around here…

Guy B: Yeah I can’t believe their mommas would let them out on a school night.
by Rock Hardigan September 27, 2008
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A term used to describe implants, lifts, tucks, and any other augmentation the "only skin deepers" choose to inflict upon themselves and the rest of us.
Guy A: Take a look, She is SOOO FINE!!

Guy B: Nah it's just Hottie Bionics... Check for the Scars.

Guy A: DUDE... ... ... that's so wrong...

Guy B: Just tryin to KEEP IT REAL!
by Rock Hardigan September 27, 2008
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